2009 February

In February, I had the opportunity to discover and study an old 19th century whistle collection. I should update some pages of this site and add new "whistles of the month" with this unique opportunity.

Two new potters in "Potter today" (practical information)living in Switzerland and Germany.

If you look at the French site, you will also read new "whistles of the month".

2009 January

I wish you a happy New Year. I've had problems for the past two years to update this site due to a very active professional life.

I had many new information and I saw new whistles so the database is increasing but it's hard to find free time to write new articles and to translate them

Thanks for the friendship of the visitors (50 000 in 2008). For this New Year, I wrote a study about the whistles in the "Pays de la Loire" (in French only for the moment).

It shows principaly the production of the Sarthe which was one of the main production place for clay whistles until mid 20th century in France.

2006 August

I've worked for my holidays on the Alsacian whistles. The pages about Alsace are now on line.
Many vistors write me to have address of modern whistle makers. On the page potters today, you will find my short list of the best potters I know.

February 2006

A Swiss visitor of these pages gave us information that allowed to better know the area of the horn shaped clay whistles as well as the Swiss production of clay whistles. The whistle of February is an example of this production. More information will complete the Swiss essay in the next monthes.

The whistle of January (in French) was an opportunity to discover the porcelaine manufactures of the 18th century.

January 2006

This site has slept for the second half of 2005. I hope that 2006 will be full of historical discoveries (and also will let me more time to write the new pages!). To all the visitors, I wish you a Happy New Year and of course, many new whistles to the collectors.
April and May 2005

One can add a whistle on many different things. Egg cups, tureens, mugs, cups... Discover some unusual whistling things.

The whistle of April was from Andalucia, the whistle of May was a good way to travel to South America.

March 2005

It is Easter and it is a good oportunity to visit the Musée du grès ancien in Premery.

The birth of such a wonderful museum can explain that this web site presents special pages about it. Opening to the public their private collection, Annick and Thierry Leproust show the rich ceramic production of the "Val de Loire".

February 2005

The whistle of February is an opportunity to present the rich Portuguese production of whistles.

Still in French, you can visit the new pages about Portugal:

January 2005

Since more than six monthes, this web site has been stopped for professional reasons. Maybe 2005 will be more quiet to show you new whistles.

For the New Year: the whistle of January: a Russian whistle from the early 20th Century.
Have another visit to Lthe whistle of May 2004: new informations permitted to correct errors and to give more details.

May 2004

New pages:
April 2004

New whistles discovered in the center of France in the museum of the town Puy en Velay and a "money box" bird whistle in a private collection. The glaze is similar to the pottery of Ligron made in the 18th century but the shape recall the whistles of Saintonge.

Si des lecteurs ont d'autres hypothèses, merci de les communiquer.

La Provence: mise en ligne progressive des pages sur la Provence.

Déjà en ligne: Historique: les statuettes à sifflets et les rossignols,
A venir: Vallauris et Aubagne

March 2004

New pages:
February 2004

15000 visitors during the first year of this site.

On average, France has represented 30% of the traffic for this year but visitors from 50 countries went to visit the clay whistles.

For them, the whistle of the month will be chosen prioritary among the whistles of the whole world. The French whistles will be developped during the presentation of the regional production.

Next French region: the "famous" Provence.

New pages:

January 2004
Nouvelles pages:
December 2003

You were more than 10000 visitors in 2003.
This site was enriched with new pages during this year, unfortunetly not as fast as possible because it is hard to find time for searches and publishing the results.
At least, the whistles of Berry are on line and the beauty of these stoneware whistles will console you for the delay. The photos were possible due to the kindness of private collectors.

During December, one hour was programed in the French national radio to speak about the clay whistles. It was the wonderful Philippe Debrenne's program "A dormir debout" which allowed the French speaking people to learn more about the clay whistles.

The data base is created but there are many things to do before publishing it: to create the research pages and above all to enter all the information about the whistles!

New pages:

New translation:
September October November 2003

Sifflets-en-terre-cuite.org is quoted in the French magazine "Archéologia".

New pages:

August and September 2003

You are always numerous visiting this site. No new page during August because of the holidays and of the world championship in athletics in Paris.

Thanks to the 2500 visitors in August and September especially to the visitors from Botswana, Mauritius, Peru, Finland, Cyprus or the Vatican. Is the whistle a universal value?

This web site is presented in the French magazine "Archeologia".

New pages:

2003 July

Sifflets-en-terre-cuite.org is at least referenced in Google. 600 visitors yet for this site. Many thanks for all your encouragement.

07/11/03: This site is the "web site of the week" on Ceramics Today, an excellent Australian gate about ceramic.

New pages:

New whistles in the inventory:
a whistle of the 16th century in Bréssieux (Isère)
a whistle of Normandy of the 12th century discovered in Denmark

2003 June

Presentation of the site in musicologie.com.

New pages:

New whistles in the inventory: Whistles of the Museum of Beaux Arts in Lille

2003 May

05/21/03: Presentation of the site in the archaeomusicological gate APEMUTAM.

New pages:

3 Gallo-Roman(?) whistles in Belgium

2003 March and April

02/03/03: creation of the site sifflets-en-terre-cuite.org